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Poison dart frogs, the most venomous / poisonous frogs


These tiny frogs, surely you have seen more than once in a documentary, have this name because numerous tribes use and used them to impregnate their arrows with their skin’s poison, highly toxic, to hunt. They live in tropical forests and more than 100 different species are known.

Melyridae-choresine rana-dardo rana-dardo1
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Their venom is usually a toxin (batatrotoxina) over their skin, and according with the most supported theory, they get it eating some insects that produce it, especially a beetle (Melyridae Choresine see photo). Their bright colors warn that are poisonous and have few predators known. Only 2 species of birds eat them and snake (Leimadophis epinephelus) which is also immune to their venom.

rana-punta-de-flecha rana-punta-de-flecha1 Poison arrow frogs
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They are diurnal. Some are capable of killing a person, including one of the most poisonous animals on the planet, the frog Phyllobates terribilis, whose venom is so powerful that only 1 gram can kill more than 5,000.

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