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The kakapo, the only flightless parrot. There are only 131


This giant parrot that lives in New Zealand, is the only known parrot that is unable to fly. Lost its ability to fly having no natural predators, which changed when other predators were introduced by people and almost exterminated them.

kakapo1 kakapo2 kakapo_babies
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To this day there are only 124, a very low number. They are registered and there is a recovery plan for the species. They are nocturnal animals and their not very effective defensive technique is to sit still, because their predator was an extinct eagle and stay still camouflaged them with brush.

strigops_habroptilus strigops_habroptilus1 strigops_habroptilus2
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Have a baby every 10 years, which is not very useful for expansion. They are polygamous, males were together and make a fight and the female is watching them and chooses the male, rather than the male chasing the females.

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2 Comments in The kakapo, the only flightless parrot. There are only 131

  1. Sirocco Kakapo dice:

    Thanks for writing about kākāpō – we are one of New Zealand’s unique ‘treasures’. There are actually only 124 of us left, so we’re listed internationally as a critically endangered species. You can learn more about the kākāpō here: http://www.doc.govt.nz/kakapo or connect with me, Sirocco the kākāpō on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/siroccokakapo

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