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The satanic leaf-tailed gecko


This gecko is a master of camouflage. It is endemic to Madagascar, which means that only live there. Its tail resembles a dried leaf and its body too. It can even blur the contours of its body through a thorny and flexible tabs.

gecko-cola-de-hoja uroplatus-phantasticus1 uroplatus-phantasticus2
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Their main predators are birds and snakes, which spends most of the day hidden resting upside down in any trunk. Top it off their camouflage, it can adapt it to the color of lichens and bark. It feeds on insects at night.

gecko-cola-de-hoja1 gecko-cola-de-hoja-camuflado gecko-cola-de-hoja-camuflado1 gecko_dragon1 uroplatus-phantasticus gecko-cola-de-hoja-camuflado2
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Its size is quite small compared with other geckos. It usually lives in trees, where can blend perfectly and find enough insects. It is known as satanic gecko for its eyes and some colorations it presents.

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